Welcome to Life Design. My name is Hollis and I provide personalized one-on-one mentorship, self-empowerment courses, and practical astrology to help you actualize your most authentic life.

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My purpose is to inspire and guide those who are seeking a more empowered and enriched existence to uncover their purpose, create their most desired life and relationships, and cultivate their dreams from the inside out.

Actualize Your Most Authentic Self ↓

I care about people living 100% of the time, and being honestly connected to their truth and purpose


"...she takes the most care to discuss every detail in such a non-judgmental and comforting way. She can take the puzzle pieces of your life and will help you see the bigger picture!"

"Working with Hollis was great! She presented detailed information that not only reflected who I was externally but internally as well. She helped me realize my potential and the gifts I have to offer to the world."

"Working with Hollis was honestly life changing! She is the sweetest soul who taught me so much in such a short period of time."

"I will carry this work in my back pocket forever. "
"With incredible insight and intuition, she got right to the crux of my issues and showed me effective and relatively easy ways to get out of my own way, and start moving toward my goals."

"Hollis helped me incorporate several practices of self acceptance, energetic alignment, and reflective journaling that helped me to work with myself as opposed to against myself."


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