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Venus RX in Leo Workshop

Connection, relationships, social norms, pleasure, beauty, play, creativity and harmony - these are just a few of the aspects of life Venus rules. In Leo, Venus is extra passionate, self-expressive, and desiring. But in this sign Venus can also be loud, self-critical, and obsessive.

Venus goes retrograde once about every 18 months, and during that time the planet embarks on an underworld journey of self-discovery, and renewed embodiment. Collectively we will be reviewing our relationships – not only to one another, but also to our selves, our money, our passion pursuits, our creative projects and more.

Venus retrogrades can be particularly growth inducing and sometimes painful because they touch us in the places of our lives where our hearts become most vulnerable.

In this free 1.5-2hr workshop you will:
- Learn about the significance of the planet Venus
- An interpretation of Venus in your birth chart
- How the retrograde through the sign of Leo from July 21-September 3rd specifically affects you

Additionally you will be given specific questions for integration and reflection for the retrograde period.

Join us!

+ This workshop acts as a guide map for participants to:
+ More practically, in this 1.5-2hour workshop, participants will receive:

Venus RX in Leo Workshop

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